Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thundarr the Barbarian

I know, I know...but just hear me out here....

This guy is probably the most powerful fictional character ever. His Saturday morning cartoon is such that I don't know how I survived watching it w/o my head exploding when I was a child.

I just ordered the dvd's from WB home video archives and have been watching them on and off with my 8yo son. Obviously....he's playing "Thundarr" now, of course, and with good reason. This uncouth barbarian puts all other super-heroes to shame.

Let's analyse this character so you'll get an idea how badass he is. Thus far...I've reintroduced myself to 7 episodes and this fearless barbarian has destroyed:

10 wizards (11 if you count Gemini twice)

The Kraken

Fucking King Kong

A pack of Werewolves

A tribe of ape men

A horde of Skaven

and more lesser monsters and robots than you can shake a Sun-Sword at!

....what super powers does Thundarr have to take on these threats from 3094?

1. a lightsaber

2. Unbridled fury

3. a lust for combat

4. witty dialog (I'm not kidding...I get chills when this guy talks!)


Thundarr talks about himself in 3rd person. (another requirement for badassness) Many super hero's get a sidekick....Thundarr is so awesome he fucking gets two.

Thundarr aside...what else is awesome about this cartoon? Well, for one thing it's not a pussy cartoon made recently. It was made in the 80's when violence in cartoons was not just the norm...it was a fucking rule! It also combines everything that is cool about Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

You have an Apocolyptic setting in the far future.


Super-Science. (high tech is not descriptive enough)

Fantasy Creatures.


Honestly, if you like cartoons, if you like nostolgic stuff, if you are human and wizards are oppressing you....you need to pick this up.


  1. Damn I have to check this shit out now !!!

  2. Ariel had the nicest tits and legs of any cartoon (well, maybe not He-Man's princess Teela...her shape was the shit)...you KNOW the Ookla was back-dooring that shit

  3. I couldn't stand that shit when I was 5. Seeing how horrible the dialogue in Thundercats and Masters of the Universe, I can only imagine how bad Thundarr holds up considering I liked Thundercats and Masters. Besides Lionel is the epitome of heroes.