Saturday, March 31, 2012

A note on scoring at the NOVA GT

Nothing that hasn't been said before, but this is just something I've been thinking about today.

Something about the Win/Loss over the MoV scoring has always resonated with me.I just read MVB's take on the subject and it really cemented my opinion about this format.Sort of long, but if you've got an opinion on the subject, you need to read it...or you don't have a valid opinion IMHO.

I really liked his points about how NFL is win/loss over MoV, and I also liked the examples he put down like this one...
Table 1 - Player A (highly skilled) barely beats randomly paired opponent Player B (also highly skilled)

Table 2 - Player C (highly skilled) annihilates randomly paired opponent Player D (his first tournament 40k game ever)

Should player c's victory actually be worth more than player A's? I just don't understand how people can not consider this an actually superior way to decide who's best during a tournament...unless you're just looking for easier avenues to victory.I understand that MoV gives one a better chance to "Win" a tournament, and that it's harder to actually go Undefeated, but I really dislike that some peeps are dismissing the tournament b/c of the scoring procedures. The problem with that is twofold.

1. It's kind of pussying out. ("It's too hard to go undefeated")

2. It's not very much in the spirit of the game. ("if I cannot win I'm not going")

I know that I'm not going undefeated this year. I'm not going to win the whole thing. (I gave up that pipe dream long ago...of winning a GT)I absolutely think that Nova Scoring procedures are the best "Tournament" scoring however, and I look forward to seeing how much further up the ladder I can get this year.

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